How to write a cruise review that matters

Learning how to write a cruise review is easy. It’s a great way to make your opinion known and also an excellent way of letting other cruise guests know what they can expect if they go on your ship.

It’s also great fun to writing your cruise review, especially if you’ve come home with lots to say about your cruise vacation. That’s why thousands of people share their reviews every day!

At The Luxury Cruise Review we love getting your cruise reviews. We know you have strong opinions that you want to share, after all you’ve invested a lot in your recent cruise vacation. So to help you we’ve come up with the 7 secrets of how to write a cruise review.

Give it a catchy title
A catchy title is something newspaper editors have always relied on. It’s what entices people to read an article. So we recommend the title of your luxury cruise review does the same. Make it descriptive so readers know what to expect and try to make it catchy too.
Think about what meant most to you
There will almost always be certain moments from your cruise vacation that stick in your mind. Sometimes these are good, sometimes they are not. Either way they can tell readers a lot about your experience. Consider the aspects of your cruise vacation that meant the most to you and give them prominence in your review. Tell why they were important and the impact they had on your overall cruise experience.
Stick to common topic areas
Where possible we recommend you stick to topic areas common to the many different voyages your cruise ship makes each year. These include (but are not limited to) the cabin or stateroom accommodation, the dining options, onboard bars, recreation facilities and spa. Generally it’s not a good idea to write about specific things like entertainers or guest lecturers who may have been onboard. While they might have impressed you they are not likely to be there when other travellers take their cruise. For that reason they usually don’t add value to your review.
Be balanced
Giving a balanced review is important. It helps other cruise guests really understand the pro’s and con’s of your cruise. If your review is all negative or all positive it generally won’t have as much credibility with travellers. People reading your review might think you are writing with an agenda. Because one-eyed reviews usually don’t carry as much weight we urge you to be as balanced as you can. That said, we don’t want you to gloss over things that may have disappointed you or conversely limit the expression of your enjoyment of other things. The golden rule is: Be fair and objective and you’ll be sure to strike the right balance.
Give examples
One of the best ways to back up your opinion is by giving specific examples. Whether it is about the onboard restaurant, the spa or even the bathroom in your cabin. Giving examples of the things you liked or disliked helps other cruise travellers properly appreciate your opinion. If you thought the bathroom was great, then tell us exactly why. Did you like the size, or perhaps the shower? Maybe it was the bathroom products that appealed to you. The point is that giving a specific examples helps other cruise travellers understand the message you are trying to convey in your review.
Don’t get personal
Try not to single out individuals who haven’t met your expectations. Getting personal might make you feel a bit better, but it doesn’t help other cruise travellers. We don’t publish complaint letters dealing with individuals.
Be expressive and have fun
We encourage you to be expressive in your review. Try to let your personality shine through. This helps make your review more interesting for other cruise travellers. Writing from the heart is what we recommend! It’s fine if some reviews are more detailed than others. Just keep it relevant and informative and you’re bound to get it right. Above all though, have fun writing your review. It’s an exciting process that puts your opinion out there for the whole world to read. For more information on the journalism behind writing a good review click here.

Now you know how to write a cruise review

Reading luxury cruise reviews from other guests helps us all make decisions about the cruises that are right for us. A positive review can point other people in the right direction. On the other hand an honestly written negative review can save others from a similar fate. That’s why your review is important. Your opinion really does matter on The Luxury Cruise Review. So now you’ve learned how to write a cruise review we encourage you to click here to write a cruise review today.


  1. Interesting and helpful ideas. You might want to correct the spelling of “travelers,” as you have misspelled the word throughout your article. That misspelling might reduce your credibility. Just a thought.

    • CruiseOyster 10 August 2016 at 23:23 - Reply Author

      Thanks for your comment Sunny. We are based outside the US so use international English, hence ‘traveller’. Enjoy your cruise voyages!

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