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How do you get to a cruise ship that boards and departs from Venice? Lots of people find it confusing, because there can be bridges to navigate and public transport that has to be used. Not to mention the fact that most cruise ships don’t actually dock at the Venice Cruise Terminal (Marittima). 

A Venetian water taxi.
A Venetian water taxi is a great way to get to the cruise terminal.

You check-in at the Venice Cruise Terminal (Marittima), then get a shuttle bus to Fusina container terminal where you board most luxury cruise ships.

Unfortunately taxis and hire cars are not permitted to enter the container port at Fusina.

Cruise ships weighing less than 25,000 tons can still dock in Venice. Those cruise ships usually carry fewer than 300 passengers.

You can get to Venice Cruise Terminal (Marittima) by water taxi, public ferry, taxi cab or on foot.

Where will my cruise ship be?

Perhaps the most important thing to understand is that almost no cruise ships dock at Venice Cruise Terminal (Marittima).

Rather, most luxury cruise ships from lines like Silversea, Regent Seven Seas and Oceania dock at the nearby Fusina container port.

The cruise line said boarding happens at Venice Cruise Terminal (Marittima).

Venice Cruise Terminal (Marittima) is where you go to check-in and drop off your luggage. That is because it can handle cruise ship passengers, whereas the Fusina container port has no passenger infrastructure. 

Once you have checked-in at Venice Cruise Terminal (Marittima),  you board a shuttle bus which drives you directly to your cruise ship at Fusina container port.

How to get to Venice Cruise Terminal (Marittima)

You can get to Venice Cruise Terminal (Marittima) from the city, the mainland or from Marco Polo Airport.

From the city

If you are staying at a hotel in Venice we recommend getting a water taxi to the Marittima cruise terminal. That is because there are no vehicles in the city; and walking with your luggage across bridges is difficult.

From the mainland

If you are going to Venice by train we recommend disembarking at Mestre (the last mainland stop), rather than continuing across the causeway to Venice city. Doing so means you can get a taxi cab directly to the Marittima cruise terminal.

Proceed out of Mestre station to Viale Stazione (use the lifts if you have luggage). Then turn right to find the taxi stand. 

There may be a queue for taxis, but they arrive frequently. It’s worth noting that the taxi stand has no protection from the elements, so if it is raining take an umbrella.

At the time of writing the flat fare to Venice Cruise Terminal (Marittima) cost EUR 35.

On the other hand, if you disembark at Venice Santa Lucia station there are steps and a large bridge to cross. You will also need to board an elevated rail service for the final leg of the journey. It’s a difficult process, especially with luggage.

From Marco Polo Airport

If you arrive in Venice at Marco Polo Airport we recommend taking one of the sleek water taxis to the Venice Cruise Terminal. Not only is it quick and easy, but you’ll feel like a VIP. 

First, you must get a taxi voucher from the Motoscafi booth in the arrivals hall. If you pre-paid show your receipt, otherwise just pay at the booth. From the arrivals hall go upstairs to Level 1. Then take the moving walkway to the water transport. 

The trip to Marittima cruise terminal takes about 30 minutes. The driver will lift your luggage on and off the water taxi.

At the cruise terminal

If you arrive by water taxi the check-in terminal will be on your left, past the Motoscafi booth. On the other hand, if you arrive in a taxi cab the terminal will be directly in front of you. The check-in terminals are usually 107, 108, 109 and 110.

Go inside, drop off your luggage and check-in. Then you can get on a bus for the trip to Fusina to board your cruise ship; the trip takes about 25 minutes.

Bear in mind that large pieces of hand luggage will need to be transported to Fusina in the storage hold under the bus.

The rest of your checked luggage will arrive at Fusina separately.

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