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Queen Anne float out

Published on 4 May 2023|News

Exactly one year before her maiden voyage, Cunard’s new Queen Anne has been floated out of dry dock.

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Review: Oceania Riviera cruise ship

Published on 8 Oct 2019|Overviews

Oceania Riviera is a mid-size cruise ship that never feels crowded. As this this Oceania Riviera review explains, it has great food and big staterooms.

Silver Spirit Veranda Suite

Published on 27 Feb 2020|Rooms

The Silver Spirit Veranda Suite is elegant and extra-spacious with a beautiful teak veranda. It's ideal for luxury cruising.

Seabourn Odyssey Veranda Suite

Published on 5 Feb 2018|Rooms

The Seabourn Odyssey Veranda Suite is ultra-spacious with a range of clever design features that are sure to please. As well as a genuine teak veranda.

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