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Nieuw Statendam Verandah Stateroom

Published on 12 Sep 2019|Rooms

The Nieuw Statendam Verandah Stateroom is modest in size, but cleverly designed. There is a modern bathroom and a spacious verandah.

Oceania Riviera Restaurants

Published on 8 Oct 2019|Dining

There are seven Oceania Riviera restaurants to choose from including Red Ginger, which I rate as the best Asian restaurant at sea.

Oceania Riviera Bars & Nightlife

Published on 8 Oct 2019|Nightlife

The Oceania Riviera bars and nightlife offer something for everyone. There are lively lounges, shows in the theatre and live music venues.

Oceania Riviera Wellness

Published on 8 Oct 2019|Wellness

The Oceania Riviera pool is a relaxing haven at sea, the luxurious spa is ready to indulge you and the gym will keep you fit. It's like being at a resort.

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