Nieuw Statendam Bars & Nightlife

Editors rating:
Very good

Nieuw Statendam Bars & Nightlife

Editors rating:
Very good

There are a range of Nieuw Statendam bars, great live music venues and the World Stage for thrilling full scale production shows.

By Published On: 12 Sep 2019

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Billboard Onboard

Billboard Onboard is one of the most popular live music venues on Nieuw Statendam and it’s easy to see why. This Nieuw Statendam bar features a fantastic mix of chart topping songs from the last 50 years with a cool, lounge atmosphere.

The duelling pianos of BIllboard Onboard.
The duelling pianos of BIllboard Onboard.

But what makes Billboard Onboard unique is the twin piano setup. The duelling pianists rock out the hits, from standards by Billy Joel to new tunes by Adelle. It’s great fun and the energy is electric.

There are usually three shows each night in Billboard Onboard, including Icons, The 70s and The Hot 100. But I really enjoyed the All Request shows. Guests write their request on a pad, or even a napkin, and pass it to the pianists to see if they’re up to the challenge!

It’s worth noting that Billboard Onboard can be very popular, so finding a seat can be difficult. Also, the bar service can be patchy – especially when things get busy.

Showtimes: 8:30pm, 10:45pm and 12:15am.

The Rolling Stone Rock Room

The Rolling Stone Rock Room is another popular live music venue on Nieuw Statendam. In fact, the audience here is just as dedicated as the Billboard Onboard crowd.

It’s like stepping into the pages of Rolling Stone magazine with a cool, five-piece band playing the best from four decades of rock and roll.

The Rolling Stone Rock Room is a crowd pleaser.
The Rolling Stone Rock Room is a crowd pleaser.

Just like Billboard Onboard there are usually three shows each night, but they’re not themed – each one is unique.

Like the other live music venues on Nieuw Statendam, the Rolling Stone Rock Room can get crowded, so if you want a seat I suggest arriving early. There is bar service, but the staff do seem to get overwhelmed when the crowds arrive.

Showtimes: 7:45pm, 10:00pm and 11:30pm.

The B.B. King Blues Club brings the beats of Beale Street to the high seas. In fact, it’s a partnership with the original B.B. King Blues Club in Memphis. There’s an eight-piece band and two vocalists who are backed by rhythm and horn sections.

The two-tiered B.B. King Blues Club also has a dance floor so you can groove to the funky, soulful beat.

Just like the other live music venues, the B.B. King Blues Club has bar service. It all makes the B.B. King Blues Club another guest favourite on Nieuw Statendam.

It’s worth noting that the B.B. King Blues Club doubles as a night club later in the evening.

Showtimes: 9:15pm, 10:15pm and 11:15pm.

The Lincoln Centre Stage

The Lincoln Centre Stage is the place for classical music fans on Nieuw Statendam. It’s a partnership with the Lincoln Centre in New York City and it showcases some of the the World’s favourite orchestral works.

The Lincoln Center Stage on Nieuw Statendam.
Enjoy recitals at the Lincoln Center Stage.

Outstanding musicians perform multiple programs of chamber music. During my sailing that included All American performances, Movie Classics, Masterworks and Lincoln Centre Stage Pops.

There are performances most evenings, as well as afternoon recitals during days at sea.

Showtimes: 1:30pm (sea days), 5:00pm, 6:00pm and 7:00pm.

The World Stage

The World Stage is the main theatre onboard Nieuw Statendam. In fact, it’s a dazzling theatre in-the-round. There is even a two-story, 270-degree wraparound LED screen to draw the audience into every performance.

The World Stage theatre on Nieuw Statendam.
Nieuw Statendam’s World Stage has a wrap-around LED screen.

The World stage presents a wide variety of performances during each voyage including dance and song, with excellent cast production shows and guest entertainers.

There is bar service in the World Stage – just flag down a waiter and place your order.

Showtimes: 7:00pm and 9:30pm.

The Crows Nest

The Crows Nest is the observation lounge on Nieuw Statendam. It is perched high at the front of the cruise ship with panoramic views across the bow. So it’s hardly surprising the Crows Nest is one of the most popular bars onboard.

During the day the Crows Nest has a bustling cafe vibe, serving coffee and teas. In the evening it takes on a different atmosphere as friends gather for pre-dinner drinks – especially at sail out.

Sadly, the Crows Nest can be almost too popular. During my sailing it was often hard to find a seat. So I recommend coming after the dinner service has commenced when the crowds have thinned out.

It’s also worth noting that the Crows Nest is home to the shore excursions desk known as Explorations Central, or EXC.

The Tamarind Bar – the most intimate of the Nieuw Statendam bars

The most intimate bar on Nieuw Statendam can be found inside the Tamarind restaurant. Best of all you don’t need to be dining in the restaurant to enjoy it.

The Tamarind Bar is the best of the Nieuw Statendam bars.
Enjoy exclusive Asian-inspired cocktails at the Tamarind Bar.

The Tamarind bar is a hidden gem. It has an elegant, oriental ambiance with cozy seating and nooks for romantic conversations. But what makes the Tamarind bar extra special is the exclusive cocktail list.

The libations here can not be found anywhere else on board. They include unique creations like the Agave Sunrise with Jalapeño infused Don Julio Blanca, sake and fresh lemon, lime and agave juice. I also enjoyed the Wasabi Cocktail and there is a great selection of Saketinis.

The Tamarind bar is my favourite Nieuw Statendam bar.

Opening hours: 5:30pm – 9:30pm.

Ocean Bar

The Ocean Bar with its adjacent lounges is a popular place to relax on Nieuw Statendam. Indeed, this midship bar has large windows with wonderful views out to the ocean.

The Ocean Bar has lots of sofas and arm chairs, but like many of the bars on Nieuw Statendam it can seem overcrowded at certain times of the day.

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The author sailed as a guest of Holland America Line.

About the Author: Jason Kerr

Jason is the founder and Managing Editor of The Luxury Cruise Review. He has a passion for travel, a weakness for espresso coffee and a love of Greek cuisine.


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