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The Silversea dress code is more traditional than other luxury cruise lines. The dress code ranges from casual to formal depending on the time of day and the activities you have planned. 

The dress code

Most guests on Silversea cruises wear resort-style clothing in the morning and afternoon, but at night they like to dress up. This is especially so on formal nights when Dior evening gowns and Zegna Tuxedos are commonplace.

Yes, there are formal nights on all Silversea cruises including expedition voyages. There is at least one formal night on every cruise.

No, the Silversea dress code doesn’t call for a tie unless it is formal night. On those occasions a tie or bowtie should be worn.

No, you don’t. You can dress in casual or informal wear at some of the restaurants.

The number of formal nights will depend on the length of the cruise.

If you are visiting the onboard spa you should dress in casual resort-wear, or the fluffy robe supplied in your suite.

A group dressed informally on a Silversea cruise ship.
Informal-wear is the usual evening attire on Silversea.

What to wear during the day – the daytime Silversea dress code

The days on a Silversea cruise are relaxing and carefree. The Silversea dress code reflects this. 

Silversea suggest smart resort-style clothing in public areas during the day. For women this includes dresses, shorts, slacks, blouses and T-shirts. Men can wear shorts, jeans, shirts and T-shirts. 

Attire around the pool deck is even more relaxed where swimsuits and sarongs are de rigueur. It’s worth noting that you can’t wear a swimsuit at indoor dining venues.

What to wear on Silversea shore excursions

What you should wear on a shore excursion will depend on the activity and climate. However, the rule of thumb is to keep your clothing comfortable. Also prepare for unexpected changes in the weather.

Warm weather shore excursions generally call for light fitting clothing. It is also wise to wear a broad brimmed hat for protection from the sun.

Cool weather shore excursions require more clothing. This usually includes long pants, sweaters or knits, as well as scarfs and even puffer jackets.

It’s worth remembering cultural sensitivities when dressing for a shore excursion. Some religious and cultural sites have strict dress codes. This might mean wearing clothing that covers your arms, legs or head. Consult the Silversea shore excursions desk if you are unsure of what to wear.

The Silversea dress code after dark

The Silversea dress code at night time steps up a notch. After 6:00pm the dress code will be either casual, informal or formal. The dress code will be advised in the Silversea newsletter known as the Daily Chronicles.

The Silversea dress code is advertised in the Daily Chronicles.
The Silversea dress code is advertised in the Daily Chronicles.


On casual nights ladies wear pants, blouses, skirts or casual dresses. On the other hand, men dress in open-neck shirts and slacks. Jackets are not required.


Informal wear includes dresses or pantsuits for ladies while men wear smart pants and jackets. Ties are optional.


On formal nights ladies should wear an evening gown. Men wear a Tuxedo or dark suit with either a tie or bowtie.

There will always be at least one formal night per voyage. In fact, the longer the voyage, the more formal nights. Cruises of less than 10 days have one formal night, cruises between 10 and 13 days have two formal nights, while longer cruises have three formal evenings.

Most guests enjoy dressing up on formal nights, but you don’t have to. You can dress informal or even casual on formal nights. Informal can be worn at restaurants including La Terrazza, Seishin, Kaiseki or Silver Note. Casual clothing is always acceptable at the Hot Rocks and Spaccanapoli outdoor restaurants.

More information on the Silversea dress code can be found at the Silversea website.

About the Author: Jason Kerr

Jason is the founder and Managing Editor of The Luxury Cruise Review. He has a passion for travel, a weakness for espresso coffee and a love of Greek cuisine.


  1. Gordon Wood 29 Jul 2022 at 01:06 - Reply

    keeping the dates of formal night a mystery after restaurant reservations open doesn’t serve guests well. Please provide the date of formal nights before restaurant reservations open. Not everyone likes formal nights.

  2. Steve Lister 21 Sep 2022 at 22:22 - Reply

    What night on a 7 day cruise is formal?

    • Jason Kerr 22 Sep 2022 at 00:48 - Reply

      Dear Steve

      Thank you for your question. The formal night will vary depending on the voyage. It will usually be posted in the embarkation edition of The Chronicles and always in The Chronicles on the night before.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards
      Jason Kerr
      Managing Editor

  3. Cornelia Wilson 12 Oct 2022 at 02:44 - Reply

    my husband and I have enjoyed cruising on Silversea’s, unfortunately I recently lost my husband witch now obliges me to travel alone or with a companion “separate rooms of course”
    I must say that whenever we had dealings with SS there has never been a problem. And given my loss and grieving I hope you excellent service and sensitivity continues .greetings

  4. Maura Purcell 5 Nov 2022 at 21:55 - Reply

    Interesting.But please on an Antartica
    Silver cloud trip go through the dress code.Thank you

  5. Michael 9 Mar 2023 at 09:45 - Reply

    Their published dress code is actually very confusing. “Formal” isn’t really formal as I’ve ever known it, and their own website suggests…very circuitously…that informal and casual attire is okay, even in venues designated as formal:

    “While for some Guests putting on the Ritz is de rigueur at dinner, for others, casually elegant is the epitome of a vacation wardrobe. To accommodate all lifestyles, Silversea has introduced casually elegant dining for those Guests choosing a slightly more relaxed ambience on formal evenings. While we request formal wear for Guests dining in Atlantide, S.A.L.T. Kitchen and La Dame, Guests may choose informal wear for dining in La Terrazza, Kaiseki and Silver Note. Dining at The Grill and at Spaccanapoli is optional casual all nights. Following dinner, all Guests are free to take advantage of our public spaces for both entertainment or after-dinner drinks.”

    In actual practice it seems that no dress code is enforced, and that they recognize the world is less and less formal in attire. However, they certainly do make it difficult to understand their expectations…which may or may not be anything other than, “We’ll take you as you are.”

  6. Michael 16 Apr 2023 at 00:26 - Reply

    I didn’t retire to wear a tux on vacation.

  7. Holly armstrong 26 Jun 2023 at 14:23 - Reply

    What days are formal on a 14 day silver muse cruise to Alaska.

    • Jason Kerr 16 Jul 2023 at 16:53 - Reply

      Dear Holly

      Thank you for your question. There will typically be at least two formal nights on 14-day Silversea cruise. The specific days will be advertised in the Daily Chronicles newsletter.

      Kind regards
      Jason Kerr
      Managing Editor

  8. Mikey 3 Jul 2023 at 06:58 - Reply

    You are so right. I even burned all but one “funeral” tie. 50 years of dressing up for work every day was enough!!

  9. Diane Stokes 5 Jul 2023 at 21:02 - Reply

    I want to spoil my partner with a luxury cruise that we can afford but he is a true country man and only wears formal trousers for weddings and funerals. Does this mean we would be not welcome to eat at where we can afford?

    • Jason Kerr 16 Jul 2023 at 16:50 - Reply

      Dear Diane

      Thank you for your question. It is one that is often asked about Silversea. That said, Silversea do retain a more formal dress code than other luxury lines. Perhaps you might like to consider Seabourn as an alternative; they are also ultra-luxury but not quite so formal.

      Kind regards
      Jason Kerr
      Managing Editor

  10. Cinda Carron 16 Feb 2024 at 18:44 - Reply

    We fly to Tokyo on April 1 and leave on a 17 day cruise in Japan on the 3rd on Silversea’s. I was not planning on wearing a long formal any night although I have short dresses to wear and dressy pant outfits. My husband will not wear a tux any night. At the French restaurant should he wear a tie? When we were on Seabourn in the Baltic I did not see any ladies with long formals on. I am feeling stressed in regard to dress. We have traveled all over the world.

  11. Luci Aran 28 Mar 2024 at 09:25 - Reply

    Is the Galapagos cruise more casual that their other cruises? Are dressy shorts permitted on the Galapagos cruise in dining rooms?

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