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Oceania Nautica Review

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Nautica cruise ship facts

  • 684 guests
  • 386 crew
  • 2000 launched
  • 2017 refurbished

This Oceania Nautica review rates the rooms and restaurants on this premium cruise ship. There are also video tours so you can see what it's really like.

Oceania Nautica Review

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By Published On: 13 Dec 2017

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Nautica feels like a resort. It is stylish and elegant. As this Nautica review explains there is an easy and relaxed atmosphere. Also, Nautica has some of the best food at sea and a selection of restaurants to match.

What’s hot

  • Great food
  • Attentive service
  • Genuine teak verandas

What’s not

  • Compact staterooms

Survey results

Service efficiency
Problem solving
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About Oceania Nautica

Nautica was built for Renaissance Cruises and launched in 2000. The ship is known as an R-class cruise liner. When Renaissance Cruises ceased operations Nautica entered charter service. In 2005 it joined the Oceania Cruises fleet.

Oceania Cruises Nautica can accommodated up to 684 guests. There are 342 staterooms and suites. They range in size from a cozy inside room (14.9 sq. m. / 160 sq. ft.) to a palatial Owners Suite (92.9 sq. m. / 1,000 sq. ft.).  There are genuine teak verandas in 70% of the rooms on Nautica.

Nautica had a makeover in late-2017. In fact every stateroom was refreshed. All the suites got new carpets and so did the main dining room. In addition, the beautiful teak decks were rejuvenated as well. It’s worth noting that Nautica will go in for a major renovation in 2020.

The teak pool deck was rejuvenated just before my Nautica review in 2017.
The teak pool deck was rejuvenated just before my Nautica review in 2017.

Nautica strikes just the right balance. It has a classy, top-end feel but is never pretentious. The decor pays tribute to the great ocean liners of the past with dark timber panelling and fire places. There is even a classic grand staircase in the lobby! Fine contemporary artwork hangs from the walls which ensures the decor is never stuffy.

The grand staircase on Oceania Nautica.
The grand staircase on Oceania Nautica.

Oceania Nautica inclusions

As a premium cruise line Oceania Cruises offer more than most. Your cruise fare includes all meals. It also includes soft drinks, bottled water, specialty coffees, teas and juices.

You can buy wine, Champagne, beer and spirits for an additional charge. However, a gratuity of 18% will be added.

There is no extra charge for dining in speciality restaurants.

On our Nautica review sailing Jacquart Champagne was available on board.
On my Nautica review sailing Jacquart Champagne was available on board.

There is often a free shuttle from the ship to the town centre, especially if it is some distance away.

In addition, Oceania Nautica has a self-service laundry. The machines are cheap to use. Guests staying in Concierge Level rooms and Suites get a free laundry allowance.

My Oceania Nautica review rates the food highly

Dining is a highlight of any voyage on Nautica. Oceania Cruises take their food seriously and it shows. The quality of the produce on Nautica is excellent and the finished dishes are often sublime. During my Oceania Nautica review I rated every on board restaurant highly.

Nautica has four restaurants as well as a casual pool-side grill. This Oceania Nautica review tells you about each of them. There is the old-style Grand Dining Room. There are two speciality restaurants, the Polo Grill steakhouse and Toscana which serves excellent Italian cuisine. In fact, this Oceania Nautica review rates Toscana as the best restaurant on board! There is also the Terrace Café with its themed buffets.

In-room dining is also available 24-hours a day.

Light snacks as well as tea and coffee are available throughout the day from the Grand Bar.

What to wear on Nautica

Nautica has a relaxed atmosphere, so onboard attire ranges from resort-style to smart casual. During the day you can wear shorts, jeans and T-shirts. However, tank tops or swimsuits should not be worn in any of the restaurants at any time.

After 6pm you should wear smart-casual clothing. This means slacks and a shirt (jacket optional) for men. Women should wear slacks or a skirt, and blouse.

Nautica does not have formal nights, but many guests do like to dress up.

Who sails on Oceania Nautica

Nautica has a loyal following. On my Oceania Nautica review voyage many passengers were return guests.

Most guests are aged between 40 and 65 years and are generally quite active.

During my Oceania Nautica review I noted that guests came mostly from the U.S.A. and the U.K. Canadians, Australians and Europeans sail on Nautica as well.

Nautica is gay-friendly.

Oceania Nautica review conclusion

There’s a lot to love about Oceania Nautica. There is great dining as well as beautiful recreational facilities. Nautica has a top-end feel, but it retains a country-club atmosphere. Visit the Oceania Cruises website for Nautica voyages and destinations.

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