Oceania Nautica Veranda (and Concierge) Stateroom

Editors rating:
Very good

Oceania Nautica Veranda (and Concierge) Stateroom

Editors rating:
Very good

The Oceania Nautica Veranda and Concierge Staterooms are small, but the decor makes them feel bigger. They also have a well designed bathroom and teak veranda.

By Published On: 28 Sep 2022

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The Oceania Nautica Veranda Stateroom and the near identical Concierge Stateroom are cozy and stylish. They are modest in size, but clever design and a bright decor make them feel more spacious. There is a small, but thoughtfully designed bathroom, as well as a teak veranda with outdoor furniture.

The decor in the Nautica Veranda and Concierge Staterooms reflects the palette of the ocean. There are soft tones of blue and grey, with gleaming chrome highlights. It all looks very chic. Indeed, it is a perfect home away from home.

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A stylish living space

The living space is small, but a combination of clever design and bright decor make it feel more spacious. There are also some thoughtful features sure to be appreciated by modern cruisers.

A Oceania Nautica Veranda/Concierge Stateroom.
The Oceania Nautica Veranda and Concierge Staterooms are cozy and stylish.

The Oceania Nautica Veranda and Concierge Staterooms have a combined sleeping and sitting area. The sitting area has a petit, but comfortable sofa and a good sized coffee table.

The sofa in the Oceania Nautica Veranda/Concierge Stateroom.
The sofa is petit, but comfortable.

There is also a marble-topped writing desk with two US and two European power outlets, as well as USB-A connectivity. A refrigerated mini bar is under the desk.

A writing desk in a Nautica Veranda Stateroom.
The writing desk doubles as a vanity aea.

There is a custom-designed Tranquility bed which can be configured as a queen or twin set up. In addition there is a padded headboard, as well as attractive night stands on either side of the bed. These are great for storing your personal items. Modern cruisers are sure to appreciate the USB A + C bedside charging points, as well as the multidirectional reading lights.

A nightstand in an Oceania Nautica Veranda Stateroom.
Nightstands are ideal for storing your personal effects.
Power outlets in the accommodation on Nautica.
There are USB A + C charging points.

The Oceania Nautica Veranda and Concierge Staterooms have a wall mounted interactive TV. It features movies on-demand as well as the ability to view your itinerary or see your shipboard account.

Nautica has Vero Water in every stateroom.
Eco-friendly reusbale Vero water bottles.

The living space also has a small bar area with with reusable Vero water bottles.

A luxurious teak veranda

The genuine teak veranda is a real luxury. It has two comfortable deck chairs as well as a small cocktail table. We think the veranda is the perfect place to relax with a good book or to watch the ocean drift by.

A teak veranda onboard Nautica.
Enjoy the view from your own private teak veranda.

A snug bathroom

The bathroom in the Nautica Veranda and Concierge Stateroom can best be described as snug. However, what it lacks in size it makes up for in smart design. 

The bathroom in a Oceania Nautica Veranda/Concierge Stateroom.
The Veranda/Concierge Stateroom has a compact, but functional bathroom.
Storage space in the Veranda Stateroom bathroom.
The is plenty of storage space.

There is ample storage space behind the mirror, as well as underneath the large vanity. A stone bench top has space for a selection of Bulgari bath products. In addition, there is more shelf space on the walls. 

There is a walk-in shower with a glass door that closes tightly, so there are never any leaks. 

Stateroom storage

The Oceania Nautica Veranda and Concierge Staterooms have just enough storage space for a typical two-week cruise vacation. There is a single closet with hanging space, drawers and shelving. 

On most voyages this shouldn’t be a problem, but on longer sailings when you pack more clothing, storage may be an issue. 

Storage cupboards in the Oceania Nautica Veranda Stateroom.
Storage space to accommodate larger items.

In addition, there is extra storage space under the bar area. We found this to be especially useful for storing larger personal items.

Editors tip: Open out your empty luggage so it slides more easily under the bed for storage.


The Oceania Nautica Verandah and Concierge Stateroom measures just 20 sq. m. / 216 sq. ft. including the veranda.

The floor plan of the Oceania Nautica Veranda Stateroom.
The floor plan of the Veranda Stateroom on Nautica.

The Nautica Veranda and Concierge Stateroom layout is typical. There is a small entry hall with a closet on one side and a bathroom on the other. Beyond this is a bedroom and sitting area. A floor-to-ceiling glass door leads on to the teak veranda.

For more informatin visit the Oceania Cruises website.

About the Author: Jason Kerr

Jason is the founder and Managing Editor of The Luxury Cruise Review. He has a passion for travel, a weakness for espresso coffee and a love of Greek cuisine.


  1. Maureen Sullivan 23 May 2021 at 11:13 - Reply

    Re: Nautica

    Do you know if the Concierge Veranda room has a safe? Also, I was wondering about the hair dryer type – is it the old fashioned compact size that gets pushed into the wall for storage or is it a larger, separate dryer that gets stored on a shelf?

    • Jason Kerr 25 May 2021 at 17:45 - Reply

      Hi Maureen

      Thanks for your question. Yes, there is a safe in the Concierge Veranda room.

      As for the hair drier, prior to refurbishment they used to be wall mounted on the R-class ships. However, this should have changed now with the old wall mounted versions being replaced.

      Jason Kerr
      Managing Editor

  2. Erin Gorman Corsten 21 Sep 2023 at 02:10 - Reply

    Wondering how the laundry works, do they put everything all together or do they hang dry ?

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