By Published On: 4 Apr 2018

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Silversea internet packages are provided free of charge for all guests. They are available on every ship in the Silversea Cruises fleet, including Silver Spirit and Silver Muse. What’s more, Silversea’s newly upgraded on board internet offers improved bandwidth access for all guests.

”We know how important it is for our guests to be able to catch up on emails or share photos on social media while on vacation. Now, our guests can stay connected while they voyage to the most fascinating places on Earth.”

Barbara Muckermann, Silversea’s chief marketing officer

Free Standard Internet

  • 1 device per guest.
  • Unlimited minutes of internet access.
  • Best for web browsing, sending email or checking social media.

The Standard Internet package offers unlimited minutes on a single device for each guest. This Silversea internet package gives access to a connection anywhere on board including suites, bars, restaurants and outdoor areas.

Silversea’s Standard Internet package is ideal for browsing the web, sending emails or checking social media. It is not suitable for streaming videos or internet telephony.

Premium Silversea internet packages

  • Up to 2 devices per guest.
  • Unlimited minutes of internet access.
  • Suitable for video streaming and internet telephony.

Premium Internet access is also available. It is faster, which makes it better suited to watching streaming videos or using communication services like FaceTime. In addition, this Silversea internet package allows the connection of up to two devices simultaneously per guest.

Guests staying in Medallion, Silver, Royal, Grand or Owner’s Suites get free Premium Internet access. So too do all guests booked on a full World Cruise. Guest booked on other voyages in Vista and Veranda Suites can purchase a Premium Internet package.

Worth remembering

It’s worth remembering that shipboard internet is satellite dependent, so it will be slower than on land. This is especially so at times of high use.

Also, satellite communications are affected by bad weather and the ship’s location, so there can be intermittent outages. Indeed, internet service is extremely sporadic in the Arctic and expedition cruises to/from Svalbard are often outside internet communication for the duration of the cruise.

For more details about the Silversea internet packages visit the Silversea website.

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