By Published On: 3 Dec 2019

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The Silversea loyalty program is known as the Venetian Society. It rewards guests with free cruises, cruise discounts, free laundry and private events while on board.

What’s hot

  • Free cruises.
  • Exclusive discounts.
  • Simple earn and reward system.

What’s not

  • Lack of benefits for members who haven’t sailed much.
  • High free-cruise milestones.

You will be automatically enrolled in the Silversea loyalty program after completing your first Silversea cruise. It has a simple earn and reward system, without any membership tiers. Membership offers Milestone Rewards and other benefits.

Milestone Rewards

The Milestone Rewards are based on the number of days you have sailed with Silversea. Milestone Rewards kick-in after accumulating 100-days on Silversea and include discounts as well as free laundry for all future voyages. The more you sail, the more benefits the Silversea loyalty program offers:

100 days
Get free laundry, as well as an extra 5% discount on future voyages in addition to any Venetian Society voyage discount.

250 days
Get free laundry, as well as an extra 10% discount on future voyages in addition to any Venetian Society voyage discount.

350 days
Get a free 7-day voyage on any ship in the fleet, including the flagship Silver Moon. Accommodation is in a Veranda Suite. You’ll also continue to receive free laundry as well as 10% extra savings on any future voyage.

500 days
Get a free 14-day voyage in a Veranda Suite, continue to receive free laundry as well as 10% extra savings on any future voyage.

Every 150 days thereafter
Free 7-day voyage in a Veranda Suite.

It’s worth noting that free laundry excludes dry cleaning and/or pressing. Also, it is not available on Silver Galapagos. 

When redeeming Milestone Rewards for a complimentary Expeditions voyage, accommodation will be in a Vista Suite on Silver Explorer or an Explorer Suite on Silver Galapagos.

Other Silversea loyalty program benefits

The Silversea loyalty program offers a range of other benefits to Venetian Society members, both on board and at home.

Venetian Society voyage discounts

All Venetian Society members get a 5% members-only discount on special Venetian Society voyages. It can be combined with other discounts like Silver Savings, Extended Voyage Savings and Onboard Savings, as well as with any Milestone Rewards savings.

Invitation-only cocktail parties

The Captain hosts a cocktail party exclusively for members of the Venetian Society on every Silversea voyage.

Exclusive members-only sailings

There are members-only Venetian Society Reunions voyages. These sailings usually offer unique events and activities, as well as receptions and privileges both on and off shore. The Silversea Chairman’s Ambassador to the Venetian Society is always on these exclusive sailings.

Ship visitation privileges

In certain cities, when operationally possible, Venetian Society members may request tours of Silversea ships (with up to two guests per member). However, members must request this benefit in writing and Silversea need to receive it at least 21-days beforehand.

Summing up

The Venetian Society loyalty program offers Silversea guests some great benefits, especially those who have accumulated lots of sailed days. The free laundry Milestone Reward is extremely popular and the future cruise discounts are generous. 

However, what really appeals is the simplicity of the loyalty program. The simple earn and reward system makes it easy to ascertain your benefits.

Visit the Venetian Society page on the Silversea website to learn more.

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Jason is the founder and Managing Editor of The Luxury Cruise Review. He has a passion for travel, a weakness for espresso coffee and a love of Greek cuisine.

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