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Oceania Riviera Veranda Stateroom

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Oceania Riviera Veranda Stateroom

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The Oceania Riviera Veranda Stateroom is oversized, artfully designed and has a spacious veranda. It's the perfect home away from home.

By Published On: 8 Oct 2019

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The Veranda Stateroom is the most popular type of room on board and it’s easy to see why. Each one is oversized, artfully designed and has a spacious veranda.

The decor of the Oceania Riviera Veranda Stateroom has a classic style. There is a cool palette of teal and cream, offset by dark timbers and splashes of gold.

It all creates a feeling of easy elegance which makes this stateroom the perfect home away from home. In fact, I rate it as one of the best premium cruise line cabins.

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Oceania Riviera Veranda Stateroom floor plan

The Oceania Riviera Veranda Stateroom is the largest of any premium cruise line. As a matter of fact, it is larger than some ultra-luxury cruise ship rooms. It has 22.2 sq. m. / 239 sq. ft. of internal space, as well as a veranda measuring 4.0 sq. m. / 43 sq. ft.

The Oceania Riviera Veranda Stateroom floor plan.
The floor plan of the Veranda Stateroom.

The floor plan is typical, with a combined bedroom and sitting area. Floor to ceiling glass doors lead on to a spacious veranda and there is also an extra large marble bathroom – a real luxury on a premium cruise ship.

A relaxed living space

The living space is a relaxing home away from home. Indeed, it has a perfectly combined bedroom and sitting area.

There is a custom-designed bed which can be configured as a queen or twin bed set up – the choice is yours.

On either side of the bed are handy night stands with drawers which are ideal for storing personal items. There are also night lamps and multi directional reading lights. In addition, there is a bedside power outlet, but it only takes US plugs.

A luxuriously padded headboard sits above the bed.

The comfortable sitting area in the Oceania Riviera Veranda Stateroom.
The comfortable sitting area in the Oceania Riviera Veranda Stateroom.

There is a plush sitting area with a surprisingly comfortable sofa and a small coffee table. In addition, there is a writing desk which doubles as a vanity table. It’s worth noting that the writing desk has both US and European power outlets.

The TV in a stateroom on Oceania Riviera.
There is a wall mounted, flat screen television.

There is also an interactive television. It is mounted on the wall. Sadly, ugly cabling protrudes from behind. This seems an oversight when other details of the stateroom have been so carefully considered.

The living space also has a mini-bar and a small area for storing glassware and water.

Your own private veranda

The veranda could well be the best part of this Riviera stateroom. It’s a tranquil haven at sea, especially at sunset.

A stateroom veranda on Oceania Riviera
Watch the ocean drift by from your own private veranda.

There is space for two padded deck chairs and a cocktail table. Indeed, I enjoyed relaxing on the veranda with a good book as the ocean drifted by.

A luxurious bathroom

The marble bathroom in the Oceania Riviera Veranda Stateroom is a real treat. It is large, in fact it is as big as you might find on some ultra-luxury cruise ships.

The bathroom in an Oceania Riviera Veranda Stateroom.
The spacious marble bathroom has a separate tub and shower.

The bathroom has a full size tub. There is also a separate walk-in shower, however some cruisers may find it somewhat small. The shower has a glass door so there are never any leaks. There is also a marble vanity and a large basin.


In addition, there are storage units on either side of the mirror and extra storage space under the vanity.

The bathrom also comes stocked with top quality Bulgari products. Your room attendant will replenish these when needed.

Storage space in the Oceania Riviera Veranda Stateroom

The Oceania Riviera Veranda Stateroom has what could best be described as ‘adequate’ storage space.

The closet in an Oceania Riviera Veranda Stateroom.
The closet is just large enough.

There is a decent sized closet, however there may not be enough drawers and storage cupboards for some cruiser’s requirements. That said, the closet has just enough space to take the contents of two large cases full of clothing.

Insider’s tip: A word of warning. It is easy to get fingers caught in the handles of the sliding doors, so take care when opening and closing the closet.

Incidentally, it’s also worth noting that there is plenty of space underneath the bed to store empty luggage. Although large hardshell cases may need to be opened up in order to fit underneath.

Oceania Riviera Veranda Stateroom positions

There are 232 Veranda Staterooms on Riviera. They are located across the entire length of the cruise ship on decks 7 and 8.

Positions of the Oceania Riviera Veranda Staterooms.
Positions of the Oceania Riviera Veranda Staterooms.

There are four veranda stateroom categories (B1, B2, B3 and B4), but it’s important to note that the internal space of each is the same. Only the size of the veranda and/or the stateroom positions vary.

B1 – These staterooms have a standard sized veranda and preferred midship location on deck 8.
B2 – These staterooms also have standard sized verandas and are located midship on deck 7, and forward or aft on deck 8.
B3 – In contrast, these staterooms have larger verandas with forward and aft locations on deck 7.
B4 – These staterooms are also located forward and aft on deck 7, but with standard sized verandas.

Insider’s tip: If you are prone to seasickness I recommend a room with a midship location, alternatively if you prefer a big veranda then a B3 category room is best.

Oceania Riviera Veranda Stateroom inclusions

Each Oceania Riviera Veranda Stateroom includes these amenities:

  • Ultra Tranquility bed
  • Refrigerated mini-bar with free and unlimited soft drinks as well as bottled water replenished daily
  • Private veranda
  • Bulgari amenities
  • Full-size bathtub as well as separate shower
  • Belgian chocolates with nightly turndown service
  • Complimentary 24-hour room service
  • Flat-screen interactive television
  • Wireless Internet access and also cellular service too
  • Writing desk and stationary
  • Plush cotton towels, robes and slippers
  • Handheld hair dryer
  • Security safe
  • Category (B3) includes accessibility features in staterooms 7084 and 7087

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The author sailed as a guest of Oceania Cruises.

About the Author: Jason Kerr

Jason is the founder and Managing Editor of The Luxury Cruise Review. He has a passion for travel, a weakness for espresso coffee and a love of Greek cuisine.


  1. Tine Helsen 21 Nov 2020 at 00:51 - Reply

    Hi, loved your review. Just a quick question. If we book a B3 on deck 7, is there any noice from the restaurant, kitchen, engines… in the cabin, as we are light sleepers?

    • Jason Kerr 23 Nov 2020 at 18:14 - Reply

      Hi Tine

      Thanks for you question. In my experience you shouldn’t notice any noise from the Grand Dining Room. It’s also worth noting that the last sitting in the Grand Dining Room is 9:30pm and most people eat earlier than that.

      Also, you shouldn’t notice any noise from the engines.

      I hope this helps. Enjoy your Oceania cruise.

      Jason Kerr
      Managing editor

  2. michele schultz 13 Feb 2022 at 05:12 - Reply

    Are there only queen size beds in the staterooms?

    • Jason Kerr 24 Feb 2022 at 00:28 - Reply

      Hi Michele

      Thank for your question. The bedding in Veranda Staterooms is typically a queen setup. However, you can request a twin setup. I recommend doing this in advance of your cruise by contacting Oceania Cruises directly or through your travel agent.

      I hope this helps.

      Jason Kerr
      Managing Editor

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