Crystal Symphony pool & wellness options

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Crystal Symphony pool & wellness options

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Crystal Symphony has a great array of wellness options, including a resort-style pool and the indulgent Aurōra spa.

By Published On: 7 Mar 2024

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The Crystal Symphony pool is a relaxing oasis at sea, and the luxurious Aurōra spa is designed to indulge. Together with the expansive Fitness Center and outdoor sports facilities it’s like a floating resort.

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Sun deck

Seahorse pool

Crystal Symphony’s sparkling swimming pool is surrounded by a glorious teak deck, sun loungers and shaded alcoves. It’s the perfect place to relax with a cool drink, not to mention a dip in the refreshing water. There is also a large, heated whirlpool.

The Seahorse Pool on the Crystal Symphony cruise ship.
The refreshing Seahorse Pool is surrounded by comfortable sun loungers.

Promenade deck

The teak Promenade deck on Crystal Symphony is a real treat. It encircles the entire vessel which makes it ideal for jogging, or even a leisurely walk.

The magnificent Promenade deck on the Chrystal Symphony cruise ship.
The promenade deck is popular with both joggers and walkers alike.

The daily direction is posted on the rails; 1 mi. is 3.7 laps, 1 km. is 2.3 laps.

Gym and Fitness Center

Crystal Symphony has a 3,000 sq. ft. Gym and Fitness Center with a view. There are free weights and exercise machines, as well as spaces for yoga, aerobics and pilates. There is even a full-time Fitness Director who offers advice and instruction on stretch and aerobic exercises.

The gym on board Crystal Symphony.
The gym has free weights as well as fitness machines.

The Aurōra Spa

Aurōra is the spa on Crystal Symphony. It has a wide range of health and beauty services, tailored for ladies and gentlemen. Indeed, the spa specialises in state of the art light therapies. However, there also more traditional treatments like massage and a complimentary sauna.

The male sauna on board Crystal Symphony.
Use of the saunas is complimentary.

I enjoyed a classic Swedish massage during my voyage; although that somewhat undersells the experience. It was, in a word, indulgent! Every sense was engaged and gently rebalanced. The treatment involved heat, aroma, sounds, light and of course pressure to ease out even the most stubborn knots.

By the time my massage ended I was in a state of relaxed calm; dare I say, bliss. Perhaps it’s unsurprising the Aurōra spa is among the most popular I’ve seen at sea.

Outdoor sports

Crystal Symphony has a wide range of outdoor sporting activities. There is a golf putting green and driving nets, as well as shuffleboard on the magnificent teak decks.

Golf driving nets on a cruise ship.
Practice your swing in the driving net.
The tennis court on board Crystal Symphony.
Enjoy tennis on the Wimbledon Court.

You can enjoy a game of tennis on the surprisingly large Wimbledon court. There are also spaces for outdoor stretch and exercise routines.

The author sailed as a guest of Crystal.

About the Author: Jason Kerr

Jason is the founder and Managing Editor of The Luxury Cruise Review. He has a passion for travel, a weakness for espresso coffee and a love of Greek cuisine.

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