By Published On: 29 Jul 2022

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Seabourn’s first purpose-built expedition vessel has set sail from Norway on its inaugural voyage, exploring the Arctic and Svalbard Archipelago.

The 264-guest Seabourn venture is a brand new design with multiple observation lounges and even a pair of submarines. Its all designed to enable adventurous luxury cruisers to see more, while retaining familiar elements like the popular Seabourn Square.

“Seabourn Venture offers a new type of expedition experience allowing our guests to discover the magnificence from the Arctic to the Antarctic.”

Josh Leibowitz – President, Seabourn Cruises.
The Seabourn Square on Seabour Venture.
The Seabourn Square is sure to be a community hub on Seabourn Venture.

A vessel for all seasons

Seabourn Venture is a P6 Polar Class vessel, meaning it can sail in medium first-year ice during the summer and autumn months. Indeed, the vessel will spend those seasons in the Arctic and Antarctic. The company tell us those voyages will include multiple daily operations using Zodiacs for landings in places like the Antarctic Peninsula. Guests will also be able to go kayaking or use the ship’s submarines. It’s surely the ultimate way to explore Earth‘s last frontier.

However, Seabourn Venture has also been designed to explore other far flung environments. Indeed, following Seabourn Venture’s inaugural season in the Arctic it will sail to rarely visited locales in the Caribbean, Central America, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile.

On board expedition experts

To ensure guests get the most out of their voyages, a 26-person expedition team will be on board. These highly regarded wilderness experts, scientists, historians and naturalists will share their insights on the natural world and places they visit.

The company tell us the expedition team will interact with guests in formal presentations as well as more casual conversations over meals or leisure experiences.

Seabourn Venture inaugural voyage showcases new expedition luxury

Guess on Seabourn Venture will explore the world in the lap of luxury. Indeed, The public spaces and suites have been designed by award-winning designer Adam D Tihany. Seabourn tell us the new ship includes custom crafted furniture, tactile materials and bespoke details that elevate the cruise experience. What’s more, Seabourn Venture has two exceptional restaurants to choose from.

The duplex Wintergarden Suite on Seabourn Venture.
The duplex Wintergarden Suite on Seabourn Venture.

In addition, there are multiple on board lounges. These include the Expedition Lounge as well as the Discovery Center, where guest can enjoy natural history and cultural presentations. The Bow Lounge is sure to be a prime setting for watching marine life, while the Constellation Lounge on the top deck offers stunning, 270-degree views.

The Discovery Center on Seabourn Venture.
The Discovery Center on Seabourn Venture.
The Expedition Lounge on Seabourn Venture.
The Expedition Lounge on Seabourn Venture.

Seabourn Venture continues its inaugural season with a series of 12-15 day voyages exploring the Arctic, Greenland and Iceland, and the Canadian Arctic Archipelago in Nunavut.

For more information about the Seabourn Venture inaugural season visit the Seabourn website.

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  1. Ivan Desh 18 Dec 2022 at 22:58 - Reply

    I just completed Seabourn Venture voyage to Antarctica. Expedition was very well organized and good quality, though land services just terrible. In the end, Seabourn lost one of my bags and doesn’t respond for 4 days already.

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