By Published On: 17 Nov 2022

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Ponant are offering guests a new and supremely unique expedition experience on board the icebreaker Le Commandant Charcot. A select few will have the opportunity to trek through the wilderness of Greenland. In fact, they will experience nature and the local communities like never before.

The independently owned French cruise line has dubbed this one-of-a-kind expedition as the “Polar Raid”. Indeed, the multi-day trek is like a voyage within a voyage. So much so that Ponant tell us it is not only an exploration of the Inuit way of life, but a journey of self-discovery.

“With the Le Commandant Charcot, we are able to leave the ship and explore the destination in more depth, to immerse ourselves even more deeply in the local culture of the Far North’s most isolated inhabitants.”

Benoît Carassou-Maillan – Director of strategy and product development, Ponant.
Teams from Ponant trek across the frozen Greenland wilderness.
Teams from Ponant trek across the frozen Greenland wilderness.

In the footsteps of exploreres

The Polar Raid will see guests follow in the footsteps of early explorers. They will trek across the frozen wilderness of northeast Greenland on skis for 3 days, with tents and provisions in tow.

Guests will be guided by local Inuit experts and see for themselves a landscape and indigenous culture that few other human beings wideness. Indeed, Ponant say the Polar Raid will enable guests to meet the Inuit communities established along Greenland’s Eastern coast. 

Guests spend 2-nights camping during their Polar Raid experience.
Guests spend 2-nights camping during their Polar Raid experience.

This unique experience will be an optional extra and available to only a very limited number of guests on select polar expeditions.

Polar Raid designed to explore and inspire

This immersive experience was trialled last May when Ponant sent teams out across the still-frozen shores of the northeast coast of Greenland to test the concept. The teams trekked into the snowy mountains of Ittoqqortoormiit where they camped for 2-nights amid pristine arctic nature. 

That trial proved enormously successful and now the Polar Raid is open for bookings . Ponant have designed it in line with their philosophy of ‘Explore to inspire’. Indeed, the Polar Raid is surely the ultimate exploration.

For more information about the Polar Raid list the Ponant website.

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