Ponant announce first ever luxury icebreaker

Ponant, the leading expedition cruise line, have announce plans to build the worlds first luxury icebreaker. It will allow guests to chart a course for the roof of the world – the geographic North Pole. That’s something luxury cruise passengers have never been able to do before!

The Ponant Icebreaker announcement comes at a time of massive fleet expansion, with four other expedition vessels on order.

Clean and green

Called Ponant Icebreaker the new vessel will have 135 rooms. It will also be a hybrid electric icebreaker and powered by Liquified Natural Gas. Indeed, Ponant Icebreaker will have the latest environmental technology. It will not only reduce particle emissions, but produce zero emissions when in electric hybrid mode.

The latest technology will be fitted to Ponant Icebreaker. (©Ponant)

The latest technology will be fitted to Ponant Icebreaker. (©Ponant)

Able to sail through ice floes

Thanks to Ponant Icebreaker’s independent energy supply it will be able to explore the extreme regions of the North Pole as well as Antarctica. The latest technology also means this luxury icebreaker will sail in total safety through ice floes more than 2.5 m. / 8.3 f.t. thick and compression ridges of more than 10 m. / 33 f.t.

For more than 20 years Ponant has been a leader in expedition voyages. In fact each one has been created by experienced sailors and crafted to get guests as close as possible to nature. Now, the Ponant Icebreaker will be the first ship flying the French flag to take guests to the Geographic North Pole.

A luxury icebreaker

This Polar odyssey is much more than a cruise. It promises to be a magnificent adventure with luxurious services never before available on this type of ship. Guests will have access to helicopters and Zodiacs aboard the ship.

Ponant Icebreaker will have its own helicopter. (©Ponant)

Ponant Icebreaker will have its own helicopter. (©Ponant)

They will also enjoy vast panoramic suites, personalised service, gastronomic cuisine and even a luxury day spa.

Ponant Icebreaker is sure to redefine polar expedition cruising, allowing passengers to live the polar dream. For more information visit the Ponant website.

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