Oceania’s exotic road less traveled – the Sirena Exotic Collection

The American poet Robert Frost famously took the road less traveled and said, ‘that made all the difference’. Today, it’s refreshing to know there are still off-the-beaten-path places to visit. In fact these exotic destinations hold an even greater allure in the age of over-tourism. 

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The Royal Palace in Bangkok, is part of the Sirena Exotic Collection.
The Royal Palace in Bangkok, is part of the Sirena Exotic Collection.

From Egypt to Myanmar there are spectacular sights and intriguing cultures waiting to be discovered. Now Oceania Cruises can take you there on one of nine unique voyages known as the Sirena Exotic Collection.

The newly refurbished Oceania Sirena will sail to some of the World’s most rarely visited destinations, including the Holy Lands of Egypt, Israel and Turkey, as well as the Arabian Peninsula, India, Myanmar and Indonesia.

The intimate Sirena will leave the crowds behind and show her guests the  destinations that most never see. “We’ve thoughtfully crafted these immersive and off-the-beaten-path explorations to some of the hardest to reach destinations in the world to satiate our guests’ appetites for new and unusual travel experiences”, said Bob Binder, President & CEO of Oceania Cruises.

The  immersive and in-depth Sirena Exotic Collection offers sailings of 10 to 24-days, beginning in November 2020 and culminating in April 2021. 

Be inspired by the library at Ephesus, Turkey.
Be inspired by the library at Ephesus, Turkey.

Especially designed for the intrepid explorer, the Sirena Exotic Collection kicks off with a 12-day voyage from Jerusalem to Istanbul. Sirena then charts a course through the Red Sea to explore the culture and history of the Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. It’s then on to fascinating India, the beautiful Maldives, Myanmar – the land that time forgot – and Indonesia.

Every voyage includes overnights in port with some itineraries featuring as many as four overnight stays.

These voyages are truly unique, offering experiences that go beyond the well worn paths of other destinations. And that could make all the difference to your next cruise vacation. 

Visit the Oceania Cruises website for more information about the Sirena Exotic Collection.

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