New Oceania cooking classes

Oceania Cruises are famous for their onboard cuisine, and now they can help you improve your own talent in the kitchen with 16 brand new Oceania cooking classes.

The new cooking classes will commence this month onboard Marina and Riviera’s sailings in Europe. Guests will have the opportunity to learn how to make perfect pasta, a Swedish smorgasbord and much more.

Guests learn from the experts in Oceania Cruises Culinary Centers.

Guests learn from the experts in Oceania Cruises Culinary Centers.

The classes will take place in the onboard Culinary Centres where guests cook at individual workstations on the latest induction hobs, and it’s all done under the instruction of Oceania’s impassioned and expert chefs.

“Cuisine is such a significant part of European culture and our faculty bring it all to life through these classes which are more of a celebration than a curriculum. A little food, a little wine, and a little learning all combine to make for tremendous experiences”, said Oceania Cruises president Bob Binder.

Bourgeoise dining on Oceania Cruises

The Nordic Kitchen is sure to be among the most popular of the new Oceania cooking classes. Participants will discover the cuisine of Scandinavia and Northern Europe on a culinary voyage around the Baltic. There will be lessons in regional specialties such as Estonian fish soup, Nordic salmon rillettes and gravlax, as well as Sweden’s world-famous meatballs.

Other cooking classes on offer include Essential Pasta – learning the fundamentals of pasta preparation and cookery; Greek Tonight – presenting Oceania chefs favourite recipes from Santorini, Rhodes, Crete, Corfu, and Athens; and Ancient Cuisines – showcasing the magical dishes of Morocco and Turkey.

There is even a master class in kitchen knives! It will teach guests everything they need to know about slicing, dicing and filleting as well as techniques for sharpening and caring for blades.

Visit the line’s website more information about the Oceania cooking classes.

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