By Published On: 30 Dec 2022

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Crystal Cruises have emailed former guests with an invitation to join their new Open Deposits program. It will offer priority bookings, shipboard credits and other benefits for those who confirm a booking during 2023/24 itinerary launch season.

The Crystal Cruises itinerary launch is imminent and will feature two vessels, the 1,040-guest Crystal Serenity and the smaller 960-guest Crystal Symphony. Crystal tell us the much-loved cruise ships will set sail in early 2023 and offer itineraries to destinations in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Canada and New England, Alaska, Caribbean, Panama Canal, Middle East, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

What does the Crystal Cruises Open Deposits program offer?

The Open Deposits program will allow you priority access to book voyages on Crystal Cruises once itineraries are released in early 2023. It also offers prority stateroom and suite selections, as well as access to exclusive Crystal experiences.

What’s more, Crystal Cruises will apply a shipboard credit of up to USD 500 to any booking confirmed with an Open Deposit redemption. You can redeem an Open Deposit against any cruise in the upcoming itinerary launch season.

The shipboard credit can be used on shore excursions, in the boutiques or in specialty dining venues. It’s worth noting that implies specialty dining on the relaunched Crystal Cruises will cost extra.

The cruise credit cannot be spent in the onboard casino.

How much does each Open Deposit cost?

The Crystal Cruises Open Deposits program requires payment of a fixed-price deposit. This deposit, charged in various local currencies, can be redeemed for any cruise in the 2023/24 launch season. Each Crystal Cruises Open Deposit costs:

  • USD 500
  • GBP 400
  • EUR 500
  • AUD 700
  • CAD 650
  • BPS 400 (BitcoinPoS)

There is no limit to the number of Open Deposits you can buy, meaning you can redeam them against more than one voyage. Also, all Open Deposits paid are fully refundable.

The fine print

Crystal Cruises tell us the amount of shipboard credit is based on the status of the sailing guest. Those who’ve previously sailed with Crystal Cruises get USD 250 per person, up to USD 500 per suite. New to Crystal Cruises guests will get USD 125 per guest, up to a maximum of USD 250 per suite.

It’s also worth noting that the shipboard credit is not applicable if the redemption of the Open Deposit occurs beyond 90 days of the inaugural itinerary launch.

However, the value of any Open Deposit paid will always remain, regardless of when you use it.

For more information visit the Crystal Cruises Open Deposits web page.

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