By Published On: 10 Jun 2015

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In a move that’s bound to upset some cruisers Carnival Cruise Lines have announced a ban on carry on beverages.

From 9 July 2015 guests will not be permitted to bring more than one bottle of wine or champaign on board at embarkation. If they choose to drink this in one of the on board restaurants a ‘corkage fee’ of US$15 will apply. The company says it has been forced to implement a carry on drinks ban to combat increasing rates of alcohol related bad behaviour among passengers.

“Bottled beverages are the most common means by which guests attempt to smuggle alcohol on board, which necessitates that bottles be individually examined by security personnel,” Carnival said in a statement. “This bogs down the embarkation process and requires security resources dedicated to checking bottled beverages. Most importantly, when behavioral issues occur on board and are ultimately investigated, smuggled alcohol often appears to be a factor.”

Carnival have acknowledged that many cruisers do like to bring small quantities of their own beverages on board. So with that in mind they will permit 12 unopened cans or cartons of water, sodas or non-alcoholic beverages per person to be brought on during embarkation.

Guests may also pre-purchase a 12-pack of bottled water for the reduced price of US$2.99 (or US$4.99 on board).

The Carnival carry on drinks ban is not a revenue raising exercise, according to the company. Rather, they tell CruiseOyster they do not expect to see any increase in revenue as a result of the policy change.

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