By Published On: 14 Dec 2023

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Azamara Cruises have partnered with National Geographic to offer guests a new range of unique, culturally immersive shore excursions.

A young woman and man plant seedling in a mangrove renewal zone, Mexico.
Be part of ecosystem preservation with National Geographic and Azamara.

Cultural immersion

Azamara guests will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the culture and local environment with nine new National Geographic Day Tours. The cruise line tell us it is about inviting guests to be a part of the story of each destination; learning more about conservation, culture and history through the remarkable content and research of National Geographic.

A marine biologist on an Azamara National Geographic Day Tour.
Learn about the reef ecosystem of Cozumel, Mexico.

One of the most intriguing of the new National Geographic Day Tours is a visit to the renowned Coral Reef Ecosystem in Cozumel, Mexico. There, guests will snorkel the reef, guided by a marine biologist and founding partner of the Cozumel Coral Restoration Program. They will also have hands-on experience of ecosystem preservation; planting seeds in the Cozumel mangrove tidal pools.

Nat Geo trained guides

It’s worth noting that each tour will be lead by National Geographic-trained guides. What’s more, the tours follow the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s criteria.

A chef teaches two females how to cook a new dish.
Discover new gastronomic heights.

Additional National Geographic Day Tours include a fascinating immersion into the rarely told history of Amsterdam. It will paint a vivid picture of the migrant and refugee story and how it shaped the city. This tour will conclude with a meal prepared by chefs from around the world.

Foodies will also delight in a National Geographic Day Tour in the Dominican Republic where local gastronomy will reveal itself with cooking class led by an expert chef.

Available fleet-wide

The unique and original experiences offered by the National Geographic Day Tours will surely bring guests closer to the destination than ever before. They will be available across the fleet, including Azamara Quest which we recently reviewed.

For more information visit the Azamara website.

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