By Published On: 10 Oct 2023

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All four ships in the luxurious Azamara fleet came together last week in the charming Adriatic port of Koper, Slovenia as the city celebrated its first-ever Gourmet Festival.

“It’s such a unique moment to have our four ships meet once again and host all of our guests at a specially curated event where they can experience local gastronomy while meeting new people from this wonderful country.”

Mike Pawlus – Head of Itinerary Planning, Azamara.

Koper is ideally suited to Azamara’s destination focused itineraries. The old-town is bursting with Venetian-influenced architecture, yet it retains a culture and lifestyle all its own.

A typical street in the old-town of Koper, Slovenia.
Guests discovered the cafes and restaurants of Koper.
A woman cooks food at the Gourmet Festival.
There was also traditional cuisine on the waterfront at the Koper Gourmet Festival.

Guests from each of the four sister ships – Azamara Journey, Azamara Quest, Azamara Pursuit and Azamara Onward – enjoyed the local cuisine and wines, as well as entertainment at the Koper Gourmet Festival.

Indeed, guests on board Azamara Journey and Azamara Pursuit had the additional opportunity of sampling the city’s nightlife with a late night in port.

A live performance performance at Tito Square, Koper.
Guests on Azamara Quest saw a thrilling musical performance at Tito Square, Koper.

While Azamara Quest guests made the short walk to Koper’s famed Tito Square for a signature AzAmazing Evening.

Azamara captains with the Vice Mayor of Koper, Mateja Hrvatin Kozlovic.
The captains with the Vice Mayor of Koper, Mateja Hrvatin Kozlovic.

To commemorate the arrival of the sister ships in Koper the Vice Mayor, Mateja Hrvatin Kozlovic, presented the four captains with plaques for their vessels.

For more information about Azamara’s fleet of intimate cruise ships and their itineraries, visit the Azamara website.

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