By Published On: 17 Feb 2024

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Azamara are assessing guest feedback on potential enhancements to their loyalty program known as Azamara Circle. Select members have been emailed with an invitation to participate in a survey that hints at the changes being considered.

“You have been selected to participate in this brief survey that will help us collect feedback on our loyalty program.”

The loyalty program today

The program is widely acknowledged as one of the best for guests. Every voyage earns points which can be used for complimentary nights, complimentary internet, laundry service, spa savings and more. There are 5 tiers in the Azamara Circle:

  • Adventurer (0 to 149 points)
  • Explorer (150 – 299 points)
  • Discoverer (300-749 points)
  • Discoverer Plus (750 – 2,999 points)
  • Discoverer Platinum (3000+ points)

You are automatically enrolled in the Adventurer tier when you book your first cruise. It includes rewards like 30 minutes free internet or an Onboard Future Voyage Savings of 5%. The top Discoverer Platinum tier includes Future Voyage Savings of 10%, as well as 10 complimentary nights on vessels like Azamara Quest, free laundry and 25% off beverage packages.

Potential Azamara Circle changes

Azamara have emailed select Azamara Circle members to assess their views on changes to the program. The questions asked indicate the cruise line is considering a wide range of enhancements.

Questions from the Azamara Circle loyalty program survey.
Questions from the Azamara Circle loyalty program survey.

For instance, members have been asked if they’d value access to other travel or non-travel related perks. Also up for consideration was discount air fares purchased through Azamara, free unlimited internet and more recognition for achieving travel or loyalty milestones.

Most interestingly though was a question about changing the way members earn points. Those points are currently earned on a nightly basis. However, Azamara asked members to rate their opinion on whether points should be earned based on the amount they spend.

Of course, these potential changes may or may not eventually find their way into the Azamara Circle program. A lot will depend on how members respond. However, it’s fair to assume the cruise line considers these among its priority shortlist of enhancements.

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