Green apples can help seasickness

It sounds amazing, but eating green apples can help with seasickness. Green apples are especially high in pectin, a soluble fibre which turns water into a thick gel in your intestines. This slows down your digestion and settles your stomach.

Green apples are also high in fructose, or plant-based sugar, which helps keep your energy levels up. So humble green apples can be a great way of warding off that queazy feeling of seasickness.

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Ginger can help too

Ask almost anyone who works on a cruise ship for seasickness remedies and they’ll say ginger beer! This non-alcoholic beverage seems to calm upset stomachs and reduce nausea. In fact, anything with ginger will do the trick. Ginger candy is excellent and so too is ginger tea.

Find relief by the pool

The middle of a luxury cruise ship is the most stable place. It’s also where they usually put the pool. So go to the pool deck if you’re feeling queazy. Pulling up a deck chair in the relative calm around the pool can be a huge relief.

Over-the-counter medication

Before you set sail it’s always a good idea to pick up some over-the-counter medication for avoiding seasickness. In most cases this will be strong enough to stop seasickness, or at least minimise the effects. However, it’s important not to take the seasickness medication on an empty stomach as it can cause severe drowsiness.

Stronger medication

If over-the-counter medications aren’t working visit the ship doctor who will have much stronger medication for seasickness. This usually comes in tablet form. The dosage is one per day and you take it with food (even if you’re feeling queazy).

Stop seasickness before it starts

One of the best ways to stop seasickness on your next cruise is to book the right room. Rooms at the front and rear of the cruise ship feel much more movement than those in the middle. So make sure you book a midship room. These rooms cost a little more, but could stop seasickness in it’s tracks.


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