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Viking Star cruise review by Dan

"Viking Cruises won’t honor Chairman’s (Torstein Hagan) advertised price!"

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Dan's Viking Star cruise review

I am a “Explorer Society Member” (WOW 🙄) and I received a personalized invitation from the Chairman (Torstein Hagan) to stay in the Owner’s Suite for $17,999 per person. I decided to upgrade my reservation and accept the offer. Viking Cruises will not honor the price because I had a previously booked reservation. I will now need to take them to Small Claims Court to receive my refund. They have me booked at $19,999 per person instead of the advertised rate. I have been a good customer and a great tipper on all of me previous Cruises. SO I WILL NOW BE A DISGRUNTLED GUEST STAYING IN THE OWNER’S SUITE! It should make for interesting dinner conversations! They have gone out of their way to ruin me as a customer!

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