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Celebrity Reflection cruise review by Jeremy

"Up to a high standard"

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Jeremy's Celebrity Reflection cruise review

We sailed in the Western Caribbean in February and on the whole enjoyed ourselves.

Surprisingly for such a big ship the boarding was fast – it only took 15 minutes to checkin and get on board.

The ship is show a few little signs of wear n tear especially out on the jogging track. But on the whole it was presented OK.

Dining was inconsistent. Blu was tops, but the seafood place on The Porch was not so good. The Tuscan Grill was well worth the supplement paid. The main restaurant was massive, and the service and food there was quite good. We thought the dining service was usually very good across the ship.

The on board entertainment was also good. Nice to look forward to after a meal.

We also found the the staff in the bars were very friendly too. I recommend getting a Classic Beverage Package, we used it all the time and ti was great value.

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