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"The Magic of Cruising with Disney"

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Leisa's Disney Magic cruise review

We took our three children (then aged 4, 5 and 13) for a seven night Caribbean Cruise and still today we all rave about it!

Given we live on the Gold Coast, we didn’t see much point in going to a Disney theme park so opted instead for the cruise not really expecting too much. It blew our minds, fireworks at sea, Disney moments throughout the day and night and some fantastic ports including St Martens (the diamonds and tanzanite were to die for but a lot less than you would expect to pay – why did no one tell me before we got there!) and of course numerous appearances by the Disney stars.

The staff were brilliant and really went out of their way to ensure everyone had the best time. Castaway Quay is small island owned by Disney that is the ultimate in a pampered beach day for families. ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ was there to greet us and one of the ships from the PoC was right there! Kids loved it and plenty of time for parents to enjoy some quiet time together.

The balance between being too twee (if possible when talking bout family entertainment) and not enough to keep everyone happy is kept just right. Yes the entertainment is mostly G and PG rated but a lovely magical experience. Out on the ocean, you really can ‘wish upon a star’ with night time entertainment on the top decks including dance parties and fireworks. In all Disney has it just right. Thanks Walt and the gang!

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