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Norwegian Jade cruise review by Madeleine

"Star Trek 2 -The Cruise"

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Madeleine's Norwegian Jade cruise review

The ship was very pretty, the Stars were extremely entertaining, the staff was lovely. I suppose I was expecting too much after traveling on Holland America line before. The one thing I couldn’t wait to have was seafood but unfortunately the restaurants did not carry much ,if any , of that So the only real seafood that we got was in Miami and in one port. That was a huge disappointment. There were two code alphas which by all understanding were serious health emergencies /deaths we were told. We bought the soda package but for some reason since there were two of us traveling had to buy two of them, then found out that there was no Coke product on board, it was all Pepsi products which neither of us enjoy. The first port had an excursion that we had bought but the weather was bad so some of these excursions were canceled. That would’ve been fine if there had been any order at all in the way that they told us about it. There was one woman without a microphone shouting at hundreds of people who could not hear her for a very long time. That was a bit of a fiasco. The service desk was only open during certain hours of the day, and gave us wrong information about a port. The special entertainment people who planned the cruise had no phone So you had to go to Deck seven instead of being able to call them with any questions. For some reason room service now charge $7.95 for delivery, yet they manage to get the entire order wrong with the exception of one item. They did however take off the charge when they were called to see if the food could be changed and we could get what we had ordered. One of my favorite things to do on a cruise is to get up early and go out to the deck to look over the railing and walk around the deck for exercise and fun while looking at the ocean. This was next to impossible to do because deck seven only had a partial area to walk again, and it was the only deck that we could find where we could look out over the rail . The deck where the swimming pool was had frosted plastic dividers then space followed by the same repeatedly. It was even almost impossible to take pictures of the sea through them.On the upside our cabin was great and we were able to get away. Although the ports were very man-made and touristy they were fun, especially Costa Maya. Even with all of the things that we did not like we loved being able to go on the cruise, see the stars, watch their performances, and enjoy being together which was the most important thing of all. The room steward was charming, the Irish pub that was open 24 hours a day was delightful as was one of the restaurants, but it was difficult to get reservations at the self-pay restaurants and the buffet that was open the most was not enjoyable. But it was difficult to get reservations at the self-pay restaurants and the buffet that was open the most what’s not enjoyable. All in all it was quite an experience. The Miami Hilton and Sheraton were wonderful and the ports of call were OK ( 1 was great), but it’s doubtful that we would travel this line again when there are others who truly caterer and spoil you.

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