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"A shambles"

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Guy's MSC Preziosa cruise review

I have returned from this cruise feeling very disappointed. The ship looks amazing, especially when you see the images online. But even before you get on board you realise the service is not up to scratch.

From the moment we arrived at the port in Valencia things were a shambles – no clear information for guests. Embarkation too way too long.

The ship itself is beautiful, our room was also lovely. But the service was very average. Even when we paid for excursions we felt like were were being herded around like cattle.

Meals were just average. Wines were OK.

What we especially didn’t like were all the hidden extras – like gratuities. They charge you a daily gratuity and then top that up every time you order anything else!

All in all it left my wife and me feeling like we didn’t get the sort of cruise we’d imagined.

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