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Explorer of the Seas cruise review by Bob

"Ripped off"

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Bob's Explorer of the Seas cruise review

My wife and I went on a Canary Island and North Africa cruise, the accommodation, service and entertainment was good. The onshore trips were good, but the holiday was spoilt by on board rip off bar prices.

For example a large gin and tonic and a large whiskey and lemonade came to $40.00 whch at their exchange rate was equivalent to £28.17, a litre bottle of water was $6.00 or £4.23.

This was in spite of the fact that we had a drinks package which was £286 each but once on board when we came to use this it only covered some wines and some beers under $9.00 a glass and soft drinks. The strange thing is though if you happened to want a more expensive drink the first $9.00 was not covered by the package you paid the whole amount.

These prices are far in excess of other cruise lines prices so we won’t be using Royal Caribbean again.
The food was also better in the self service Windjammer Restaurant than in the main Saphire Restaurant, where portions were small and often poor quality.

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