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Freedom of the Seas cruise review by Brenda

Freedom of the Seas cruise review by Brenda

"Poor customer service and mistreated"

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Brenda's Freedom of the Seas cruise review

Regardless if this was our first cruise with Royal Caribbean this is the poorest customer service we have ever experienced. Not once did they give us anything in lieu of our troubles. The response from Royal Caribbean was completely unacceptable. They show they don’t care about our disabilities and disabled veterans ( my husband ).

Due to the bomb threat on our set sail day we were dropped off on the side of the road 1/2 mile from the ship. After we had clearance to move no one helped us with out luggage ( me disabled and my husband a disabled veteran ) or handed out water during our 2 hour wait in the hot sun.

The staff didn’t stop sending mail to our room for the other lady and calling me her name. Not to mention the roses were forgotten about. Our last time at customer service onboard the ship, the man we talked to looked at all the issues we had and looked right at us and said you’re probably never coming back. ( Now why would you say that )?

I said NO we won’t and I wasn’t very happy with what he said. Royal Caribbean didn’t even bother to call me regarding my complaint but, just addressed a couple of the issues that were not taken care of while we were on the cruise.

Going forward with the way we are still being treated we will NEVER cruise with Royal again and we will make sure that our friends and family all know what they did to us and how we were treated.

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