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Silver Shadow cruise review by Geoff

Silver Shadow cruise review by Geoff

"Paradise in the South Pacifific"

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Geoff's Silver Shadow cruise review

I loved my experience on the Sliver Shadow where I was lucky enough to sail from San Francisco to Papeete on a 21 day cruise!

To be honest the trip was rough at times as we sailed through a storm just outside of San Francisco, but I don’t have a problem with se-sickness, so I was fine, although a few of the other passengers looked a little worse for wear over those first few days.

I loved the ship, and enjoyed being on my biggest Silver Sea’s ship yet. Although it held around 500 passengers, I never once felt it was crowded, or had to wait for service or queue for anything.

The staff were great, and I particularly enjoyed our long stretches at sea where I could sun bake for hours, and read book after book on my kindle.

Some of the places we stopped at were absolutely beautiful including Bora Bora and the little visited, but highlight of my voyage, Fanning island where we swam in equatorial waters and were welcomed by the locals who rarely see visitors.

The ship looked immaculate, and I loved our suite, right at the top of the ship. Service was also very good with out butler attending to every need or problem we needed fixed. I would highly recommend the Silver Shadow and intend travelling on it again as soon as possible!

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