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Azura cruise review by Doris Visits

"Iberia A628, great weather, had a blast, got great film"

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Doris Visits's Azura cruise review

We were lucky with the crossing, almost flat. The weather was pleasant but overcast. Madeira was an unexpected gem with more than enough to do, the Canaries were warm and welcoming.

The only negative is the roadworks at Lisbon and the rude local shuttle bus attendants who, when asked how long it would take just encouraged us aboard unhelpfully, because they knew the bus had to go the wrong way, turn, come back and take nearly an hour to get back to the ship.

Food and entertainment were great. Pint of Perone is now £4.65 and the Sindhu has gone up to a £20 supplement pp, but the rest was as usual. Here is our cruise log on film.

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