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Carnival Spirit cruise review by Rebecca

"Horrific and disgusting! Avoid like the plague"

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Rebecca's Carnival Spirit cruise review

Horrific experience. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. Carnival spirit is shameful!
No offer to rectify things, compensation or even apologies from guest services! Gross public health hazards and poor customer service.
While onboard we were referred to onshore guest services to address issues?! Onshore then referred us back to onboard! Yes yes we were given the run around, multiple times by carnival staff, with no resolve. I haven’t listed all the issues with our carnival cruise to hell, but here is a few…
– damaged luggage, totally destroyed a new hard shell suitcase. Their solution was to sticky/celo tape our luggage back together and give it back to us, on the last day of the cruise. They deducted $100 from our onboard account for replacements they offered to give us! It took 11 days (till our final day) for guest services to help us. 11 days of following them up. 11 days of limited storage for our things.
– exploding toilet leaking someone else’s faeces from the wall. Guest services couldn’t be contacted for over an hour. After walking up there and covered in the business from the bathroom (how embarrassing) we waited a further half hour just for someone to help us. It took hours to get back into our room and to our belongings, we were never located or notified that the room was ready to re-enter. The carpet remained wet for days, with god knows what on it. Did they move us? Nope. They irresponsibly offered a cheap bottle of wine as an apology, 3 days later. To a woman staying with young children they offered alcohol?! Disgraceful.
– fungus and mould in showers. Fury pink and black mould up the bathroom walls, sink/vanity and around air vents. Thick pink slime on shower curtains. Did they attend to it? Nope
– linens not changed in 11 night cruise. Carnivals response? Nothing
– Balcony cleaning that apparently took over 4hrs, which we had to vacate our room for on the last day, never happened! There was bird poo, ping pong balls from the upper deck, dirt, sludge and more from day 1 till day 11.
– Our room wasn’t advertised or sold as obstructed views, but it was blocked by the adjoining cabin wall. This left us with a more obstructed view than those with the boats in front of them on lower decks. Booking staff noted that the view was not effected. What by a wall?! That occluded 90 degrees of the 180 degree view you described. Hahahaha yeah it was affecting our view.
– Forced to shower in the gym, because the state of our room. Gym showers have varying pressure and temperatures fluctuated in extreme hot and cold. The doors locked and jammed on multiple occasions locking my child and myself in. Stuck! No phone or way of contacting anyone for help. Only to be helped out by other guests. Staff are nowhere to be found. These issues repaired or warning signs put in place? Nope!
– smoking in kids pools and areas. Security stood bye and spoke to them, not saying a thing. Day after day after day we saw the same thing. Obviously carnival allows this despite clear signage for smoking and non smoking areas.
– kids club or activities for 12-14 year olds were limited to 1-2 hrs of craft but otherwise unsupervised activities. Kids are allowed to run wild and harass adults and other guests. Security is near non existent. Having kids jump on tables knock you down while walking or running the decks and corridors is common place.
– Lack of safety and respect for young female guests and ladies is a huge issue. We came across a young teen being followed and harassed by a pack of boys/young men. Groups of young teens mobbing and harass young girls day after day, no security intervention or even monitoring. Men’s and women’s toilets that share adjoining doors, and upset little girls confused as they entered the wrong doors and men following them in. Seriously shocking! My kids were not going anywhere unescorted on this ship.
– no customer service to book activities, special meals or scheduled activities. A lot of things were word of mouth, not even advertised or broadcast. Don’t ask staff because they couldn’t be bothered helping you, it might mean they’d have to do their jobs.
– access to advertised and promoted activities like dr Seuss and mad hatters is limited. It’s like secret ship business, to get staff to provide information to book or attend would be a miracle. In 11 days we couldn’t find one person that could provide the right information. When we just turned up we were refused entry and asked to book we were refused again! Not even for another session
– Dining in the restaurant is sub standard. Food is taken from you constantly before you’ve finished. Drinks, if you’re lucky enough to be asked for one, were limited to one. Kids aren’t offered kids menus, asking for one a number of times seemed an issue for staff. My children never saw a kids menu in 11 days!
– Dining entertainment is reserved for bottom floor diners only. Open diners on the top floor of the restaurant can only enjoy this if you are a couple seated on the edge of the railing. My young child was asked not to stand to watch the show by staff! And the nice waiter then got out a phone, went to the place my daughter was standing, and recorded it himself! Seriously
– Shore days were made on public holidays. Everything was closed, shut down and not even a pharmacy was open. There was no public transport. Excursions were limited. Surely organisers knew of this before booking it.
– there was blackened carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and fruits. Meats were slimy. Disgusting! It didn’t matter if you are in the restaurant or bistro, the same issue.
– Sports areas and water works weren’t working. Or were limited and not openly communicated to guests that they were working.
– Fitness classes are minimal, and cost additional fees. They aren’t complete hour classes as advertised but you still pay for it
– The salon/spa is great. However don’t expect your written or quoted price to be what you pay. We were double charged for services and automatic gratuity added. Resolution? Nope we got an oh well
– Onboard accounts are a joke! We were locked out in the first few days. Guest services comments… oh that happens sometimes. We had funds, we had linked accounts. We were unable to purchase even a drink.
– Internet services are archaic. Slower than old buzzing dial up and you only get fair coverage in open air areas. It drops out constantly and even the faster packages, that set us back a bomb, are patchy and slow. Forget being in 2017, forget about checking on family and children at home. This ship is a technology dead zone! Waste of money.

I could go on and on and on forever.
So upset, disgusted and appalled with carnival and carnival spirit.
The lack of customer service and respect is enormous. I was begging to get off.
There has been no response from carnival since that first email referring us back to the onboard guest services, or since we have been off the ship.

Carnival you are pathetic, and shameless!
Do you think we will ever see an apology? Response? Or compensation? I won’t hold my breath your service has been demonstrated.

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