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Azamara Quest cruise review by Chris

Azamara Quest cruise review by Chris

"Great ships/poor suite renovation"

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Chris's Azamara Quest cruise review

We have spent 64 days on Quest and Journey this year in the upgraded N2 suites.

The design of the storage facilities is very poor. The wardrobe is so narrow you have to take out all the wide fancy clothes hangers provided and replace them with wire hangers so you can get your clothes in. There was ample room to install another wardrobe section to achieve what is usual on most ships.

This is just an open space. There are no clothes drawers. You have 3 kitchen type pot drawers at carpet level to put you clothes in and some shelves around the safe. You and yours have 1 and half pot drawers to stack all your clothing for a long cruise. Not good for the older passengers to have to get down to floor level to get their clothes.

Suites with showers leak water all over the floor due to poor door seals which you have to mop up with a towel. Get a room/suite with a bath. It has been designed as a 1 or 2 day stay hotel room. Looks great but is not. eg try moving that chrome chair by yourself if your anyone is near frail, it weighs a ton.

Apart from the above the ship/s are fabulous. We loved them. Firstly with the best crew and staff, then great dining along with the most hassle free cruise experience ever. We are booked on both ships for 2 more cruises.

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