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Azamara Quest cruise review by Susan

"Good food and service but tiny cabins"

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Susan's Azamara Quest cruise review

Me and my husband sailed on the Quest from Bali to Cairns. It was our first time on Azamara… previously we’d done Cunard and Seabourn, and also Princess.

The itinerary was good with plenty of time to see the ports (they call themselves the destination specialists). The food onboard was also really good, in fact better than we’d expected. Prime C was excellent.

They really need to look at improving the wines though. The complimentary wine is not good – we spoke to some other guests who described it as undrinkable. And when you get a drinks package as we did we found they were out of stock of many wines. That’s just not good enough.

The service onboard was excellent… efficient and genuine. We could tell it was a happy ship.

I think the big problem they have is the ship itself though. 670 people are squeezed into a ship the size of something that might only take 450 people on a line like Seabourn. So the rooms are tiny – REALLY TINY. Only one person can be in the bathroom at a time and the space between the end of the bed and the wall is so narrow that two people can’t pass. We did start to feel a bit claustrophobic.

If you can get a good deal then I’d recommend them, but I don’t think full price is worth it.

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