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Silver Whisper cruise review by Deb

"Fabulous Silversea"

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Deb's Silver Whisper cruise review

Having 312 days with Silversea in 5 years shows what I think of the cruise line.

In December I decided to take a last minute cruise (2 legs) on Silver Whisper. The service and food was absolutely fabulous. My favorite eating locations are Hot Rocks (casual Pool Deck) and La Terrazza (slow cooked Italian)… you haven’t lived until you’ve had the fresh made pasta in Silversea.

While on this cruise I noted how Silversea does such a fabulous job catering to passengers special dietary needs, especially Gluten Free. While aboard I spoke with the F&B Officer and mentioned that I hoped Silversea would one day have Gluten Free dry cereal choices for breakfast. To my surprise after our next port Gluten Free cereal suddenly appeared as a choice for breakfast. Gotta love how Silversea takes care of their passengers..

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