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Norwegian Sun cruise review by David

Norwegian Sun cruise review by David

"Epic Fail"

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David's Norwegian Sun cruise review

We looked forward to our family vacation on a four-day cruise for my wife, myself and our two teenage daughters. Unfortunately, our first experience on Norwegian Cruise Lines was a disaster and will be our last with this cruise line. My advice to readers is look elsewhere for a cruise, because Norwegian Cruise Lines has fundamental and systemic problems, and the employees just don’t care.

Our “Mini-Suite” was a joke and not large enough for two adults and two teenagers. Compared to other cruise lines it was a normal cabin in terms of size. When I asked guest services to come and show us how four people were intended to sleep in this room, I was told, “Go figure it out yourself with housekeeping, the room is rated for four people.” FAIL

The sports bar had no sports for the cruise because the satellite TV was not working on the entire ship. One of the bartenders in the sports bar kept double charging for each drink, because I had a drink package. When I informed guest services, they didn’t seem to care, once again. I also tried to make a reservation for a specialty restaurant by calling the reservation line. I was told everything was booked. I decided to go to the restaurant and ask the hostess, and she told me “we have lots of room, what time would you like to reserve for dinner?” All FAIL

Finally, the food at the buffet was either overcooked and uneatable or undercooked and raw. I selected a beef kabob one night and it was seared on the outside and completely raw inside. I also selected a piece of chicken that was a quarter inch thick and I could not cut it with a knife because it was so overcooked like shoe leather. One night at the Seven Seas restaurant I ordered a NY Strip. What I was served was a fat and gristle sirloin that was a quarter inch thick. My wife ordered an Asian Salad and it was served still half frozen. FAIL

There are some many choices for cruise lines, and most of them do the basics well. Unfortunately, the Norwegian Cruise Lines can’t even get the basics right. The best advise we can offer is book your cruise with a cruise line that values getting the basics right. Unfortunately, NCL does not.

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