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Anthem of the Seas cruise review by Brian

Anthem of the Seas cruise review by Brian

"Disappointing Anthem of the Seas"

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Brian's Anthem of the Seas cruise review

Our family went to 7-day Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas cruise trip started April 14, 2018, which was our 5th cruise trip experience (before 2 Royal, 1 Carnival, 1 Disney). Initially we picked this ship because we were satisfied on last big Royal ship, Oasis; and this is new ship only a few years old, in 1 of biggest sizes, and closer to drive from new england area to NJ port instead of paying for flights. However Anthem was a total disappointment compared to Oasis, and even worse than Carnival one. One obvious reason of mediocre quality was probably overloaded kids ship during spring break.

Service: 2 out of 5. The waiter-serving restaurants were out of order because too few workers, dunno either servers or cooks. So serving of dish orders took too long, resulting a meal of more than an hour. How could simple serving of probably already-prepared desserts take more than 10 mins? Photo takers could not capture and upload all the photos taken, and often we found some wanted photos missing for purchase. Servers who collected paid drinks could be out of order for not correctly recording exact room number in those small notepads, so we had a free drink, possibly charged to someone else.

Management: 2 out of 5. During security checkin process, an below professional level crew yelled at my wife for not helping to identify us via given passports. Passports were given to her, I was on the side helping family, and she could not perform her security task to review our identities. Eventually a manager had to come over to resolve. Children should have attached with some ID wrist bands, but my friend’s boy could get away without one; luckily he did not get lost. Since many shows were canceled due to storms, the schedule management was frustrating because many customers’ reservations were unexpectedly erased without notice; and as result, ship squeezed in those users into reserved time slots; in other words, long reserved people had no priority over coming ones that came at any time.

Facility and Equipments: 2 out of 5. Our balcony room had problems. Major one was leak in window door during bad storm, so loud distracting whoof or whee noises were made; all they could do to fix was taping the sides. My friend and we had quickly burned out hair blower that was so simple and obviously cheap. The elevators system was problematic: they were easily turned around to other up or down direction when inside users were already going one direction. Therefore, at a spot with 6 elevators still took many minutes to serve several families. Auto sliding doors were disabled during windy time so people had to re-route to longer walks.

Food: 3 out of 5. The food variety in restaurants were terrible and average in quality. Other than 1st visit and formal night visits, we simply went upstairs to buffet/self serving cafeteria, where better variety and collectible immediately instead of long waiting. Cafeteria’s layout was bad causing inefficient access to food: instead of direct access to counters, people had to get into lines even when want of one item. Many servers who had to cook requested cut meat, fried omelets or noodles were not willingly serving. Some table cleaners were not that active to clean leftovers.

Activities: 1 out of 5. Too few onboard activities. Highly wanted visit to private island Cococay Bay was canceled due to storm, but on that day weather was only mildly cloudy. Because of that windy storm, rocky wall climbing and exterior shows were canceled for most of the days. Whether some pools were broken or not, pools were too crowded. Other canceled shows’ reschedule times were not clearly notified to customers; one time announcer said the wrong show time. Can you believe that you would be penalized if you miss out your reserved activities like iFly.

Entertainment: 2 out of 5. The We Will Rock You show was good but the middle period of that 2-hour length were boring and unnecessary, which could bore out watchers to leave early. The Spectra show was so so because many people did not understand what topics or theme it was trying to present; its singers were not that good. Generally theater speakers were tuned too loud causing distracting noise.

Overall: 2 out of 5. Again compared to other cruise ships, Anthem is much worse even discounted. By the way on a few days, the sail of boat was too wobbly so some had motion sickness. Maybe this ship had badly trained workers. Maybe Royal Caribbean as a whole is getting cheap and worse.

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