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Celebrity Reflection cruise review by Dan

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Dan's Celebrity Reflection cruise review

Celebrity Reflection experience

I wanted to share where where I am sleeping tonight on The Reflection which probably tells you the kind of review that lies ahead.

Before I get to the array of negatives,
I should point out a few plus’:

– our two younger kids (we have 3 boys) have enjoyed the kids club and some of the food on board.
– We think the main ship and amenities are fairly good and the speciality restaurants are worth paying for over the large buffets if you can manage it.
– The library make shift bed I have created is fairly comfortable.

Ok that’s about it on the good stuff. That said I do have one further caveat that the travel agent we booked with is largely at fault, we shoulder some of the blame as well and Celebrity also take on a little.

We are staying in a family room on the 7th floor which for those that don’t know is at the very front of the ship.

There are several issues with the room itself in that it is badly in need of an upgrade, there isn’t really a balcony (well there is one, but to say it’s an obstructed view is an understatement – it’s like buying a season ticket for your football (soccer) team and then realise you have been stuck behind a metal pole for the rest of the season in a ground that’s been sold out.

The towels were torn when we arrived and clearly on their last legs as they were well used (clean, but worn).
The floor was sticky and there was a musty smell that comes from a floor that hasn’t been cleaned properly.
There are 5 of us and we were told the room would accommodate 5, but you would laugh if I showed you a picture of the 5th bed which is in fact the couch.
Finally the two other beds, bunk types, are hell of an uncomfortable.

Anyhow that all said, you could live with it if the room wasn’t right next to the anchor that is constantly slamming against the steel of the ship every two mins and equally the swell of the waves making you feel a bit ropey to say the least (a lesson never to stay at the front of a ship).
I am pretty sure it’s not quite what we signed up for.

You can pick your way through these comments as to where blame lies and as I said up front, it’s a mixture of us and them, but all I can say is it’s the first time in my 42yrs that I have wanted to pack in a holiday and return home no matter the loss in cash terms. I have been fortunate to have experienced pure luxury through to back-packing my way around the world in some cheap accommodation, however all those trips and adventures were sold as exactly what was printed on the tin – it’s the fact this trip is totally different to what was expected that has made my family and I feel this way.

So a few tips for those choosing Reflection in the future:

1. if you can’t deal with loud noise and the sea swell, don’t stay at the front of a ship.
2. If you are going as a family, take two rooms and avoid the family room on this ship at all costs (note that other Celebrity ships have much better family rooms)
3. Make sure you have s travel agent that gives good advice rather than just sells you a room
4. Do your research
5. Don’t expect much help from Celebrity in accommodating you.

And so back to where I rest. Well I decided I had a choice….I could sleep on the couch in my room, fall of the couch occasionally and listen to the clang of the anchor against the side of the ship, or sleep on a couch in the library, mid-ship, no clanging and far less sway meaning I wouldn’t fall off.

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