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Celebrity Infinity cruise review by Molly

"Celebrity to Antarctica a failure"

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Molly's Celebrity Infinity cruise review

Celebrity Infinity trip to Antarctica a failure (Jan 21 2018)

Celebrity only notified us that we would have to skip Port Madryn because of propulsion problems just a few days earlier before embarkation. I would cancel the trip if I know it earlier, not when I already flew to have a pre-cruise in South America. Celebrity should notify much earlier, or at least we should be offered the option of full refund. What’s the use of just one day refund? Now we only visited one and a half port instead of four as scheduled! (We arrived Ushuaia only at 5 pm) Another port Falkland Islands had to be missed because ship arrived one day late because of slowness (lack of propulsion), and then met poor weather.
To be imprisoned at sea for 14 nights! It ruined my high hopes on this Antarctica trip, a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. And with dirty toilet too! It’s stained but the room service said it’s the water, not his cleaning. I had to put a dish of lemons to off the odor. I found a T-shirt of previous occupant under the bed. I wiped the window to have a better view outside and found the towel black.
I have forwarded my comment in the survey but no response from Celebrity. They just don’t care.

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