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ms Zuiderdam cruise review by AC

ms Zuiderdam cruise review by AC

"Bad smell and no credit after delay"

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AC's ms Zuiderdam cruise review

Review of Holland America – Ms Zuiderdam
1. Trash smell on Deck 2 & Deck 3.
They never fix and only phone calls for apologization.
2. Elevator problem. One down and other one down. Not sure when are they gonna fix
3. Pool & gym area close on 8 pm. Are you kidding? Other cruise ship close around 10:30pm or 11pm.
4. No children programs while on board – only scenior paradise ?
5. Took 5hrs to make decision by Cruise captain to leave the port after stupid proptesters around harbor.
6. Coffee shop on deck 10 only for EXC member. What? Only for EXC member?
7. Holland America only reimbursed 24hr internet cost because of the delay but never pay back our extra cost and pain that I have to pay and gone through.

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