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Silver Whisper cruise review by Stefanie

Silver Whisper cruise review by Stefanie

"Such a bad booking experience that it caused us to cancel !"

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Stefanie's Silver Whisper cruise review

We were truly looking forward to the luxury cruise experience that Silversea was promising on the Baltic Cruise we booked with them. Unfortunately the booking process and the quality level of customer service rendered was so sub standard that we decided to cancel our arrangements incurring a loss.

All one expected while booking the arrangements was a basic level of efficiency and a bit of common courtesy. We encountered neither.

To us it was indicative of the level of care one might anticipate as a passenger on the cruise itself once the total cruise payment had been made 120 days prior to the departure date, as was the requirement.

Almost everyone will concur that the level of attention one receives is always greater before the final payment has been made. When that experience leaves one with a bad taste in ones mouth it is not a good sign.

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