Waikiki Beach Honolulu, USA

Honolulu is the major gateway for Pacific island cruises, but there’s no need to wait until you sail to some idilic atoll before plunging into the ocean. Waikiki Beach awaits!

If you have preconceived ideas about Waikiki it’s time to lose them! The world famous beach has thrown off its shabby old image and is once again a must see destination on any trip to the islands.

Waikiki is on the south side of Oʻahu island and is the beachfront neighbourhood of Honolulu. It stretches for approximately 2 miles from the marina district in the west to iconic Diamond Head in the east and boasts some of the whitest sands and coolest hotels in the world.

So it’s hardly surprising that Waikiki Beach is popular. In fact it attracts over 4 million visitors a year! Remarkably though, the beach is prisine clean, and so is the delightfully warm water. However, the perfect beach sand is almost entirely imported (mostly from Australia) owing to some serious bouts of erosion.

There’s a great feel on Waikiki Beach. People come here from all over the world and everyone greats each other with a smile. If only more places could be like that! Indeed people watching is one of the great Waikiki pastimes, from the beautiful and bronzed to the quirky and curious, there’s an endless parade of fascinating human diversity to behold.

Perhaps the most popular time on Waikiki Beach is sunset. It’s hardly surprising, as a crimson sun dips low on the horizon, lighting up the beach’s golden sands and teasing the sea spray of breaking waves.

Waikiki Beach is back, and it’s well worth a visit!


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