New Royal Caribbean high speed Internet

Royal Caribbean is rolling out a new, faster Internet at sea across all 24 ships in their fleet.

The new Royal Caribbean high speed Internet service is called VOOM and it connects each ship to a network of satellites around the world. The line tells us it is ‘the fasted internet at sea’, in fact it is double the speed of existing connections.

Royal Caribbean tell CruiseOyster the VOOM service will mean guests can stream their favourite movies, video chat, surf the web and share all their adventures more easily from onboard their cruise.

Not only will the new Royal Caribbean high speed Internet be fast, but the line promises it will be cheaper too. Two Internet packages are being offered: Surf, and Surf and Stream.

Surf from US$12.99 per day

Provides guests the opportunity to surf the web, stay in touch via email, and share their holiday photos on social media. Surf packages start at US$12.99 per device per day with additional devices added at a discounted cost. Family packages – 5 devices or more – start as low as US$8.99 per device per day.

Surf and Stream from US$17.99 per day

Ideal for guests looking to do more than connect via email or social channels, but also want the capability to stream movies and music from Netflix or Spotify, and to connect using video chat apps such as Skype. This package is available for US$17.99 per device per day. Additional devices can be connected at a discount and family packages – 5 devices or more – start as low as US$11.99 per device per day.

Guests can also purchase a daily package for $29.95 per day.

VOOM packages can be reserved online at before your cruise.

Purchase your VOOM Internet plan on the Royal Caribbean website.

Purchase your VOOM Internet plan on the Royal Caribbean website.

How it compares

Previously, Royal Caribbean guests were charged a basic rate of US$0.65 per minute or they could choose from one of the pre-paid packages starting at US$35.00 for 60 minutes.

The line tells CruiseOyster that the new VOOM pricing is comparable with land-based hotel Internet charges. However, we can see a time in the not too distant future when Internet access is complimentary, as it already is in many hotels.

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